Money-Saving Tips For Grilling This Summer

Who doesn’t love grilling? Fire up the grill and slap on that apron, because summer has arrived. It’s that special season where we gather with all our friends and chomp on some delicious barbeque. Though these events leave our stomachs full, they can often leave our wallets empty. Besides the cost of a good grill (and you do want to make sure you’re purchasing a good grill – check out some of our product reviews here), you need to account for all that meat. In this article, we’ll go over some tips to save you money this summer.

Budgeting For Meat

So what are the cheapest cuts of meat? Chicken drums and thighs are delicious and only cost around $2.50 a pound. If steak is more up your ally, you should investigate sirloin. New York strip steaks can cost you a whopping $9.50 a pound, while delectable sirloin cuts are around $6. Hamburgers are another great option when grilling. Ground beef is approximately $4.50 a pound and will generate about four burgers. If you’d like a healthier selection, try ground turkey. It’s around the same price as ground beef, but without all the fat. Let’s not forget about the pork lovers. Pork chops are another cheap cut, pricing around $5. Stick to eating to your budget by choosing less expensive cuts of meat (and other sides) such as chicken thighs.

Adding some extra elbow grease to your cuisine can keep your funds in check as well. Avoid pre-seasoned or prepared meats, because they can be marked up to 60% higher. Not only is the price higher, but pre-seasoned meats are often over seasoned meats. Skip these selections and opt for buying in bulk.

Buying in bulk is a smart way to shave some money off each pound. Stores typically offer larger selections for a discount price versus only buying a couple of pounds. Bulk also makes it easy to feed all your guests should you host a barbeque. But where should you purchase your meat? And other ingredients as well? There are actually plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t go straight to the grocery store.

Where to Purchase Meat

Farmer’s markets are not only a great way to support local farmers, but they often offer lower prices than the grocery store. It’s even possible to gain an additional bargain at the closing time. Sellers will sometimes throw you a deal if they still have a large selection left when it’s time to pack up. Aside from prices, you will also be supporting the humane treatment of animals.

The grocery store leaves you little room to inquire about the growth of the livestock. When you buy from a farmer’s market, you have a direct line. This allows you to ask about antibiotics, outside time, and if it leads a healthy life. These are just a few of the reasons to check out farmer’s markets for some meat deals.

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