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Kurobuta pork is the Japanese term for the heritage breed of pig; Berkshire. Snake River Farms specializes in American Wagyu beef but also sells Kurobuta pork and bacon. Ms. Goofy gifted me a birthday gift certificate and it was time to cash it in on this special bacon. Snake River Kurobuta bacon is sourced from their network of farms which raise pork naturally and without hormones. It also comes with a very special price tag of 69 dollars for a 3.2 pound slab. At a little over 22 dollars a pound, not including shipping we hope this is good.

Berkshire/Kurobuta pork is a very special tasting meat. It has a very slight beef like flavor. This is not your Wally world cut of pork. We made some BLT’s to give our bacon a try. The slab was on the thin side with an average meat to fat ratio. It did not have any noticeable smoke aroma. It fried up normally and crisped well.This bacon was very decent but also very average. The balance of sugar and salt was acceptable. The smoke was not very noticeable. The bacon had the signature Berkshire flavor which is very special. Is the 22 dollar a pound worth it? I have to admit this bacon did not ring any special bells. I personally think this bacon is overpriced and not a spectacular product.